Hello and Welcome! 

My name is Treena and I’m a professional photographer. Photography is my passion, I love looking at the world through my lens. To me its not always about getting the “perfect” picture………..Its about capturing the real you. Those little moments in between the sessions where you are not paying attention to what I’m doing…….those are my favorite photos. Its those little snippets that I love because they are so real and full of emotion. Sometimes a little prompting is needed and I will step in and help out if necessary but for the most part people are much more comfortable being natural. You’ll will never hear from my mouth “say cheese!” 

A little bit about me! I moved to Alberta when I was 8 years old from the Rock, also known as Newfoundland. Unfortunately I lost my accent a long time ago but it does sneak up on me every once in awhile, especially when wine is involved. Newfoundland is my happy place, especially long warm summer days spend on the beach with my family! I have 4 amazing children and a wonderful husband whom I’ve been married to for 24 years and counting, they are the loves of my life. I have incredible Parents who have kept me grounded (I’m a bit of a Mama’s girl) I have 3 siblings and we are very close, don’t know what I’d do without them. I love anything Italian and one day hope to travel to Italy (preferably sooner than later) My favorite author is Diana Gabaldon and if you’ve never read her books you really should, such an incredibly talented writer! I love Fridays, butterflies, dragonflies and I’m passionate about bees and making sure we save them from extinction. I love beautiful lush forests(great for taking photos) our beautiful Calgary Chinooks, roaring fires with awesome friends and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year.

If what you see of my work inspires you then maybe I’m the perfect girl to help capture that special moment in your life. Give me a call or send me an email, I’d love to grab a coffee or chat over the phone.